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New release: Mother's Day Blues

Released May 2023

"Dear friend, For many, Mother’s Day is hard. If you never knew her, it’s a day of imagining. If she walks the Earth still, but not beside you because things fell apart, it’s a day that makes the emotional distance feel that much more profound. If she’s passed on into the next life, it’s a day of longing and remembering. If you wanted to be a mother but are not, the day can feel like an empty crib. If you’re a single mom doing it all by yourself, it can feel like another day nobody sees you. I won’t pretend to understand your unique situation, but know there are millions who feel as you do today. I hope it hugs you. love, your friend Bunmi The 29 poems are divided into four categories: She’s Gone She Left Things Fell Apart Wishing To Be It’s Just Us"


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