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New Release: You're Doing Great, Human

From Leafy Boat Books: You're Doing Great, Human! Love Notes for the Differently Wired Autistic, ADHD & Beyond by Bunmi Laditan

Encouragement, comfort, and understanding whenever you need it. For autistic people. ADHD. AuDHD and more. This is a friend, a support in a book you can bring anywhere. From one who knows.

When your brain is on galaxy mode, it’s so nice to hear someone say you’re doing well. It’s ok. I’ll help you. Those things mean so much, they’re priceless really because so often people are (legitimately) frustrated, mad, or something else. We’re frustrated too.

But I believe celestial brains are beautiful. Beauty isn’t determined by how efficient someone is or how perfectly they complete a set of tasks. It’s not defined by how well you do in school or how high you climb at work.

Ribbons and certificates do not determine a person’s worth and I’d like every person wired differently to know and feel that.

If you have a child who obviously does things differently from other kids, be patient with them. Focus on what they’re good at and help them do the same. I’m grateful every day I learned early on that I had a love of reading and writing. There are things your child is meant to do.

Each page is designed to make different people feel seen and loved. Supported as they go at their own pace each day.

You’re doing great and I’m proud of you.


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